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The Pastrimotors was founded in 1985 by the passion of Massimo Mencarelli for the motorbike.

Over the years he has at first specialized in the cross and enduro, then he has dedicated himself to road and racing speed. Massimo started as a hobby to constantly attend the various tracks as a pilot, then in 2002 he debuted as a mecha- nic in the various Italian Speed Cup, like for example:

Yamaha R6 Cup-Premier Cup-Marco Papa-Trofeo Endurance-Kcup Metzeler-Trofeo Kawasaki-Trofeo Honda

CIV(Campionato Italiano Velocità)

But certainly these commitments has not distracted him from his work in the workshop, always keeping up with the various developments in electronics, cycling and mechanical in order to get the best performance with maximum security

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