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Nature and history have been generous with this land to not lack for anything. The countryside, the medievalo villages, the nature, the culture, the enchanting green hills and the ancient towns represent art treasures and wonderful architectural masterpieces. The Val d'Orcia is not only joys for eyes but also a land rich in gastronomic traditions and typical products. This a trip to live fully, joining and mixing art, culture, nature and taste.
rocca dorcia
San Quirico d'Orcia
monticchiello 2

A journey through Crete Senesi sounds like a soul trip set in a natural and multicoloured landscape that va- ries from red to purple in fall, becomes gray in winter evolves to a brilliant green in spring and shows golden during the summer. A trip to do surfing among greyish waves of earth, among “biancane and calanchi”, discovering idyllic spots, breath-taking view and landscapes, ancient and medieval towns, old churches and abbeys.
114 Crete senesi 2
Crete Senesi
monte oliveto maggiore
Abbazia di Monte Oliveto Maggiore
crete senesi
Crete Senesi

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